Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Don't Feed The Brids

Years ago we saw that sign up in a restaurant in Laconia, New Hampshire.


Was it a typo?

Surely someone must have noticed and told the owner of the place that his sign was all wrong.

Or do brids live in Laconia? Are brids native to Laconia? I never saw them anywhere else.

And why shouldn't we feed said brids? Do they get fat? By feeding the brids do they hang around too long and scare off the tourists?

Now when you go up to Laconia as a teenager and see a sign telling you NOT to do something....well, guess what?

You want to do what it says not to.


Me and Hoag fed the brids.


Anonymous said...

Did they carp on your head?

-- Lamont "Let's Make Fun Of Dyslexics -- In Print" Cranston

cake said...

What'd you feed the brids? Stale braed?

cta said...

Next time, feed the brids to me, please.

Redbeard76 said...

There's a correction that needs to be made here.

It should read Don't Feed the Brid's.

Or Baer's.

Or Smoething.

yesterday's blog meet today's said...

Don't Feed the Teenage Gril's.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Shoulda said, "DON'T FEED THE BRIDES," 'cause if you feed them, they turn into bridezillas.

I can't help it. Lamont, Cake, and Redbeard all said the funny stuff. Except for the funny stuff Lois will say next, and then Cousin Saul (read his blog, please), and Tex, and Davidz, and Jayne, and Joe, and Hoagy, and a buncha anonymous people who might or might not all be ::Cake::.

To sum up: Consider this the lame filling in a sandwich of wit. Thank you. My work here is done.

cake said...

Anonymous? Moi? Never!

Though now that you mention it, I thought the comment by "yesterday's blog meet today's" was particularly clever.

::clears throat in a guilty way::

probably not cake said...

What if the Beatles sang about this blog?

- Blackbrid
- And Your Brid Can Sing
- Twist and Chrip
- Happiness is a Warm Gnu

cousin saul said...

Ok...I'm trying something new today:

Do NOT read my blog!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Your blog is for pansies.

Blog about boxing once in a while.

Or something.

cake said...

Dear Cousin Saul:

If I fall for your reverse psychology ploy and go to your blog and it's still that July 1st 'filler' post up there...::trails off ominously::

cake said...

Hmmmm. ::taps foot::

Morris Day and the Time said...

This blog isn't for everybody, just the sexy people.

Lois Lane said...

What? I'm supposed to say something funny?

Okay. Um, am....


If that ain't a comedy word, I don't know what is.

Tex said...

it was supposed to read Dont feed the BridE...cos everyone knows when you feed the bride, she comes back

bacon ace said...

No no, you see it was supposed to read "Don't feed the brids".

The two "e"s in "feed" were transposed.