Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a special evening interlude for all of the night owls in the audience

Every single DUDE in The Big Lebowski.


dude said...

Where's my car?

keanu reeves said...


Lois Lane said...

Y'know....I've tried to watch this movie about a dozen times and never made it more than 20 minutes through it. I have friend who loves this film so much and thought it was so important that I watch it, he gave me a DVD of it. I feel I've let him down.

Still...this was kinda great.

I've never been able to sit through "Gone With the Wind" either. Could ya' find me a YouTube video of all the times anyone says "dude" in that? I bet it would rock. Thanks.

cake said...

Lois needs an intervention!!!

::runs off to pack and buy a plane ticket::

Sparkle Plenty said...

Okay. But what of us early birds? Is there nothing for us early birds? A video of a worm saying "Dude?" Anything? Nothing?