Thursday, July 10, 2008

"I want to cut his nuts off."

That was the big quote of the week.

It was Jesse Jackson saying it about Barack Obama.

Jesse wants to cut off Obama's nuts.

Once cut off, what on earth was Jesse planning on doing with said nuts? Gonna cook up some brownies?

I wonder if Jesse was planning to cut Obama's nuts off when he visted HymieTown.

Jesse says some kooky things.

I wonder if he also wanted to cut off Hillary's nuts ?

I wonder what Jesse wanted to do to the Wax sculpture of Hitler?


Sparkle Plenty said...

You gotta watch out for those "hot-mics." Is it just the one "hot-mic" that keeps catching everybody, or is there a whole army of eavesdropping "hot-mics"?

Kathy said...

We found hot-mics in our eaves once.

keef said...

Mic ain't so bleedin' hot

cake said...

Someone's going around cutting nuts off? I'm surprised the men in the room aren't bolting!

(Nuts and bolts, get it...ha ha...ha...oh, never mind.)

fake name guy said...

While My Nuts Gently Weep

I Want To Cut Your Nuts Off

All Your Nuts Need Is Love (and three sutures)

Kathy said...

All your nuts are belong to us.