Thursday, July 31, 2008

the AM/PM guy makes an appearance

GUY: "How much does this Batman cost?"

ME: "It's priced on the bottom of the package."

GUY: "How much is this Spider-Man paperweight?"

ME: "It's priced on the bottom."

GUY: "Where are the Captain America comics?"

ME: "I put them in the bins in alphabetical order."

GUY: "Can you show me?"

ME: "Yes...they are the C section."

GUY: "Where are the Spider-Man comics?"

ME: "They should be in those bins over there ::points over there:: in alphabetical order in the S section."

GUY: "Can you show me?"

ME: ::shows him::

GUY: "How much are they?"

ME: "All the comics in the bins have a price tag on the upper right hand corner."

GUY: "How much does this one cost?"

ME: :::looks at price tag on upper right hand corner:: "That one is $4.75!"

GUY: "Where are the Flash comics?"

ME: "They are in the bins in alphabetical order...check the F section right over there :::points to F section right over there:::

GUY: "I can't find them...all I see are Fantastic Fours."

ME: "The Flash are right there next to them!"

GUY: "Found them! Thank you, My Friend!"

:::GUY brings up stuff to the register:::

ME: :::rings up stuff and gives him the total::: "That will be $48.91."

GUY: "Can you put my stuff in a bag before I pay you?"

ME: "Sure!" ::I do as requested::

GUY: ::gives me $50.00::

ME: "And here is your change...9 cents makes $49, and a dollar makes $50."

GUY: ::looks at change in a funny way:: "I gave you a Fifty."

ME: "Yes. the total was $48.91 and I gave you $1.09 in change which adds up to $50.00 on the button!"

GUY: "You are right! Thank you my friend! You'll be seeing a LOT of me!"

ME: "Thank you! Have a great day, My Friend!"

GUY: "What time are you open tomorrow?"

ME: "11:30am until 6:30pm"

Moral of the story?

Guy won.


Sparkle Plenty said...

"You'll be seeing a LOT of me!"

1) That is the most menacing threat I've ever heard.
2) I really hope the guy is fully clothed when he comes in next.

Anonymous said...

Your silence on l'affair Manny speaks volumes.


Jason Bay, incidentally, isn't the worst possible replacement for Ramirez. But he ain't no Manny.

-- Lamont "Sic Temper Tyrannus" Cranston

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I love Manny.

Folks forget that baseball is entertainment and Manny is the single most entertaining player ever.

Great hitter also. So he's a tad of a distraction once in a while. So what?

Anonymous said...

Manny and Ortiz, as I've said before, make up the best 3-4 combination in the American League. As a Yankees fan, I ache to see them separated.

Theo Epstein needs to suck it up and make things right, preferably with an extension that should have been signed long ago. He's done a lot of things right, but this situation has been badly bungled.

-- Lamont "Lamont Being Lamont" Cranston

Lois Lane said...

All You Need is Manny

Lucy in the Sky With Manny

Manny's Silver Hammer

Yellow Submannyrine

She Loves Manny

Revolution 24

Drive Manny's Car

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Manny

Redbeard76 said...

You were much too nice to this guy, but from a purveyor's point of view I can understand. On the other hand if Hoagy were there, well, I can only imagine what Hoagy would do or say around am/pm.

Lamont: fingertip to nose.

But enough about Manny.

Anonymous said...


No Manny post on any of your blogs, either? 'Sup with that?

-- Lamont "I Missed My Nose And Now Have My Index Finger Jammed Into My Left Eye" Cranston

Redbeard76 said...

Lamont, I'm looking the other way on the deal. There are already media outlets saturated with the hype surrounding this, no one needs to hear about what I have to say about the matter. This too shall pass. Hopefully in about 2 hours, 2 minutes.

Horroru (Joe O) said...

::Phone rings::

IANO: Hello?

Horroru: Hey, what Red Sonja cover did you pull for me?

IANO: The one with the skeletons, cause I know you like skeletons.

Horroru: Thanks, that's the one!


Why do I feel like all of your customers have a bit of AM/PM guy syndrome....

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Not Lois.

Horroru (Joe O) said...

That's cause Lois is not a guy.

(which has been fully validated by the fact that she does not like The Big Lebowski)

Clinky said...

You put Captain America in your wife's C-Section?

A: I don't think that's sanitary.
B: No wonder your daughters don't like comics.