Saturday, July 05, 2008

I wanted to rip off Hitler's head.

The other day they announced that at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum they were putting up a Adolf Hitler exhibit.

But not to glorify him.

They were gonna treat old Uncle Adolf different than the other wax figures. You weren't going to be able to have your picture taken with Adolf.

They didn't want to glorify him. .

The display was going to show him in his final days as a frail tired man sitting at his desk.

They didn't want to glorify him.

And yesterday the exhibit opened.

And the first person in saw him and left.

The second guy to see the exhibit jumped over the barrier they had set up and ripped off Hitler's head.

But not to glorify him.

And he got arrested! For ripping off Hitler's head!

It's a crime to rip off Hitler's head!

And now I'm all jealous because Hitler Head Ripper Off-er is gonna be a prison celebrity!

"What are you in for?"

"I stole a car."

"What are you in for?

"I robbed a bank."

"What are you in for?"

"I ripped off Adolf Hitler's head."



cake said...

I wish the guy had managed to run off with the head and then sent pictures back to the museum from far off places...

Hitler sunning himself in the tropics...Hitler at Disney...Hitler riding a camel...

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I wanted to rip a camel's head off.

And Walt Disney's!

Jayne said...

Ha, I didn't know that happened.

Cake, love your idea.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Now I wanna rip Jayne's head off!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

(Just her wax one)

cake said...


::rips IANO's head off, mails it to Hillary::

Jayne's Wax Head said...

You'll never take me alive! Er.. mainly because I'm a wax head so I'm not really alive.

David'Z RantZ said...

Did any of you actually see a photo of the wax Hitler (before its head got ripped off)? I saw a close-up. It looked amazingly life-like.

Only one problem. I've seen plenty of pictures of the real Hitler. The wax Hitler didn't look like him. It looked like a real human! Just not the real Hitler.

It takes more than a Charlie Chaplin mustache to make you look like Hitler. Right, Cake?

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Norwegian Wax (This head has flown)

Happiness Is A Wax Noggin

Hitler Skullter

I Wanna Be Your Mannequin

We Can Rip It Off

Waxy Raccoon

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heads Club Band

David'Z RantZ said...

Baby You're a Wax Man

Don't Melt Me Down

Magical Bunker Tour

Old Brown Shirt

The Ballad of 'Dolf and Eva

I Wanna Mold Your Hand

cake said...


Are you saying I wasn't a convincing Hitler with my little mustache on? How insulting! Heil and all that.

- Happiness is Some Warm Wax
- Ob-la-head, Ob-la-gone
- Eight Heads a Week
- Let it Melt
- Dolfie in the Wax with Tussaud
- Twist and Rip

David'Z RantZ said...


Heil... I mean, Hell, I'll say anything you want me to say!

(I have this weakness for cute, short women with medium-length dark brown hair, y'see.)

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear David,

I Want To Mold Your Hand is quite good.

The Wax Hitler Beatles thank you.

The Wax Hitler Beatles said...

We actually liked "Twist and Rip" better.

a Speer said...

Eleanor RipHeadOffBy

I Saw Hitler Standing There (so I ripped his head off)

Ticket To Rip

Here Comes The Head

You're Going To Lose That Head