Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Banned in a suburb of Boston

There is a ritual in the morning at my house.

Wifey gets up, showers, makes lunches, and whatever else she does downstairs while I sleep.

But I try to get up around 15 minutes before she leaves, have coffee with her, watch some news, discuss what were gonna do at night etc.

But since oldest daughter has been back living at home it's turned into *Let's make fun of Wifey/Mum before she goes to work*

So this morning I see the pile of shoes.

I see Wifey going up towards said pile of shoes.

And I have to turn my face away from oldest daughter because if we make eye contact I'll burst out laughing and get in trouble.

Of course I deny I was laughing, or going to laugh, or that I was making fun of her.

She looks at me.

WIFEY: "I know what you two are doing every second. You can't fool me. You're banned from coming downstairs in the morning until I've left."

Wifey leaves for the day.

ME AND OLDEST: "hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahah!!!"

ME: "We should maybe stop making fun of her."

OLDEST: "I didn't make fun of her. Does the dog have urine on her?"


cake said...

So...did the dog have urine on her?

I Ain't No Oprah said...

No...I had cleaned it off beforehand.

cake said...

WHEW! I was worried for the pile of shoes. There's nothing worse than a urine soaked pile of shoes!

Or something.

bacon ace said...

What's so funny about a pile of shoes? I'm missing something here.