Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doctor Ego

So years and years and years ago I 'fell in love' with this gal.

I'll call her Mary.

Couple of 'dates' and that was about it.

But she lived down the street and we went to school together so we always saw each other.

And then I met Wifey, fell in love with her, got married, and that's where I am today.

Somehow Wifey and Mary became best of friends, so even in adulthood I saw Mary all the time.

And I've always been nuts about her. She's funny, smart, pretty, and all those other things about gals that we like so much.

{stay with me now}

Over the years Wifey has known this and has never felt threatened or jealous.


Because Mary never ever ever EVER flirts with me or even plays my games.

But I continue to flirt with her. And not get any back.


Even when I propose we get together after Wifey passesBROKENBRAKELINEaway...Mary never says okay.

She just doesn't cross a line like that with me. She likes and respects Wifey too much.

(it could be possible that like Buddy Nite Blonde, she just don't dig me that way...though I doubt it)

She just keeps it to herself and keeps her friendship with Wifey and me intact.

{stay with me folks...I'm getting to the end}

So anyhow my ego can't take too many more decades of unreturned love (I just need something to hang on to)...so the other day I present Mary with a simple question:

ME: "So if most of the population was wiped out on Planet Earth and all that was left was me, your ex-husband, or a bag of snakes who would you pick to live with the rest of your life?"

MARY: "What kind of snakes?"


gal from new zealand said...

So if most of the population was wiped out on Planet Earth and all that was left was you, my ex-husband, or a bag of snakes who would I pick to live with the rest of my life?

I don't like snakes, but maybe my ex wasn't so bad after all! (Only kidding - you know I'd pick you IANO!!)

cake said...

Are the snakes Democrats or Republicans?

Lois Lane said...

Do the snakes understand the Bush Doctrine?

cake said...

What do the snakes think of Sarah Palin?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Hi-effin'-larious! Mary ROCKS!

Lois Lane said...

Yes, we like this Mary girl. She is cordially invited to join the Girl's Navy any time she wants.

mulderjoe said...

Snakes...why did it have to be snakes...?

cake said...

This Girl's Navy thing is really taking off, huh Lois? Do we have a motto yet?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Well, when my mom was in the Girl's Navy, the motto was: "Keep a cool tool, you fool, I'm wise to the rise in your Levi's."

That, "Aye aye, matey," and, quite possibly, "Sure, I'll have another cocktail!"

bacon ace said...

I'm not sure how to answer that question but I'd choose her ex-husband and/or the snakes before my ex-wife.

mulderjoe said...

There's something about Mary.

Lois Lane said...


Those are all great mottos!

Let's add "Straight on til' morning!" and "Why, no, Mr. Tennant. I'm not married. Why do you ask?" to the list as well.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I just ate a marble that looks like Joe Biden.

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