Thursday, September 25, 2008

US economy on the verge of collapse!

I submit to you, MY PLAN:

MY PLAN (Mein Planz)

6:30 pm--Shutter down business.

6:34 pm--Fuel stop. (check wiper blades)

6:40 pm--Travel west on Massachusetts Turnpike for approx. 19.4 miles.

6:40-7:04 pm--Wave to pretty girls on Massachusetts Turnpike, point to their tires as if they are low on air.

7:05-7:15pm--head north.

7:16pm--Contact Herr Hoag,give ten minute until arrival call.

7:26pm--Magazine swap,choose restaurant.

7:28pm--Make fun of Herr Hoag's shirt...possibly shoes.

7:36pm--Meet with Blonde at the 44 rendevous point.

7:38pm--Scrap resturant plans...go where Blonde decides.

7:40-11:00pm--Have steaks,pasta, salads, beer, wine, dessert,cigars, fix ecoonmic mess.

11:15-11:30pm (approx.) Arrive home, quietly come into house, trip over pile of urine soaked shoes.

11:31pm--Run comb through hair one hundred times, brush teeth, go to bed.


Lois Lane said...

It would be much more Dick Van Dyke-ish if you tripped over a urine soaked ottoman.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

But I don't urinate on the ottoman.

Silly girl.

mulderjoe said...

I always wondered how you kept your hair tangle-free and sassy...

cake said...

"Make fun of Herr Hoag's shirt...possibly shoes."

I think it's cute that they have a debate over whose shoes and shirt are more fabulous, don't you, Lois?

Anonymous said...

Why are shoes, soaked in urine?

Is this some kind of strange fetish ritual?

Just askin' Jayne's Mum.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

In my house we urinate on Wifey's shoes so she might get the hint and put them away.

She has lots and lots of shoes.

We have lots and lots of urine.

cake said...

Jayne's Mum:

Americans are weird. Don't you remember? That's why you folks were so happy to get rid of them.

Canada (Your Favourite)

Lois Lane said...

Cake: What's really cute is when they swap tips on where to buy the hot new nailpolish colors for fall.

Lois Lane said...

Hey! Not all of are weird! Some of us are just odd.

cake said...

Ha! You're just odd like me...IANO is weird. Agreed?

Did Hoag and IANO get matching purses yet? I hear plaid is in.

Redbeard76 said...

In the spirit of today's post, let's rename the blog "I Ain't No David Letterman".

So to sum up: Katie Couric is a blonde?

bacon ace said...

I prefer "cooky".

cake said...

I prefer cookies.