Friday, September 19, 2008

Today is the 7th anniversary (or when in doubt do a phoney-baloney 9/11 blog)

It's hard to believe that seven years have gone by since it was eight days past 9/11 and we got back to normal.

Remember watching that sitcom that made us laugh?

Red Sox games.

Football was back. Life was good.

Eight days.

Those eight days right after seemed like forever. It's amazing that we were comsumed with it for eight long days in September.

Eight days.

But eight days turned out to be just the right amount of time to capture Bin Laden and Saddam, prosecute them, execute them, rebuild that field, and get on with it.

Economy rebounded quickly after those hellish eight days of only going out to eat two or three times.

Remember how we had to postpone Buddy Nite for a week? THE HORROR!

Eight days. Eight days of bonding (talking) with family members.

Eight days.

Remember how we thought the new comic shipment might get delayed for an hour or two?

Remember how we overcame that? We read the previous weeks comics. Again.

The horror.

Eight days.

Remember putting American flags on our homes and cars?

How wonderful was it to finally rip those bastards off after the eight days went by?

Flags meant death and despair.

No flags meant booze and broads and buddy nites.

Eight days.

For eight long days the nation wasn't sure if George W. Bush was the right man to lead us in the 21st century.

Eight days later those doubts were gone.

Term limits? Who needs 'em! That's what we all said.

Eight days later.

Eight days.


cake said...

It only took seven days to get back to normal up here so we had the party yesterday.

Or something.

rudy g. said...

If nobody else comments on this blog, the terrorists will have won 7 years and 8 days later!!!

grieving widow said...

Too soon, too soon.

barry obama said...

Uh-oh, IANO's Sarah is palin'...

bacon ace said...

Can SNL start being funny again?

tina fey said...