Monday, September 15, 2008

Flomax side effects

We all laugh at the side effects that drug companies warn us about when they advertise their products on TV.

Don't we?

It's almost a cliche to even goof on the side effects they mention.

'use of this product may cause diarrhea and swelling'

Or something.

Every joke, wisecrack, and guffah has been done about them. I promised myself I wouldn't do a blog about drug side effects. (or airline peanuts)

But then last night I see the commercial for Flomax. Flomax is something folks use for urination problems. (Not that I would know anything about urination problems. Except for my puppy's of course.)

But anyhow...

A few of the side effects include: 'possible runny nose and a possible decrease in semen'

Why do I have a feeling that if I take Flomax I'm gonna start ejaculating out of my nose?

(Please no large feet jokes)


PS: Should orally obsessed Flomax men now wear condoms on their noses?


mulderjoe said...

Still use Kleenex either way.

cake said...

Waitasec, so every time a man sneezed...

Oh god.

cake said...

Waitasec, no large feet jokes? But large nose jokes are okay?

j. durante said...

It's the feet that give away how large the nose is.

Toucan Sam said...

Wait I don't have big feet.

biggloves mcgee said...

What about the size of the hands?

masters and johnson said...

So pepper could be the key to multiple orgasms for men?

Time for a new study!

a manly man said...

Hubba, hubba, check out that sexy broad!

:blows nose: