Saturday, September 27, 2008

OLD COOT (or a poem about John McCain)

A wisp of gray

Combed gently across

A flap of jowl

Loosely it hangs

Melanoma scars

Cranky and mean

Half hearted raise of the arm

Old coot, old coot chimes the bird


A hero

Married to Cindy

Face lifted

Odd looking gal

Though once hot

Old coot, old coot.

A maverick

The Sheriff

Old coot, old coot

Save this great nation

Beat back the Barack

10 houses?


Can you remember?

Old coot, old coot.

You must have to pee


cousin saul said...

As much of an empty-suit Obama is, McCain debated like he had little idea of what he was saying. He was trying hard to remember what his "people" told him to say. He was staring out into the audience and he had that goofy smile and he laughed at very inappropriate things. Obama is terrible (and will be a disastrous president but at least he seemed like he was aware of where he was. Overall, though, I think McCain "won" the debate...either way, the USA is in for trouble. Both of these guys are useless.

Jayne said...

Oh. I was so moved by your poem, that it took me all this time to pull myself together before I could reply.

big horn he from nort' countrhe said...

Me, I vote for de milf. I want to see her at Chez Paree, moi. She's got the right stuff, her.