Saturday, September 20, 2008

The end of your rope....rock bottom.

We all know someone that has hit the lowest of lows.

The Horse Addict.

Joey Meth

Cancer Boy

Home Burns Down Man

Uncle Loses Another Job

Captain Stroke

Auntie Unwanted Pregnancy

Reposessed Rick

Cash Poor Charlie

Can't Find a Chick Carl

and on and on...

People usually have one defining rock bottom moment in their lives. Homeless, jobless, loveless, friendless.

It's horrible. It's sad.

Yesterday I got a call from Cousin Saul.

He was at his rockbottomey lowest point in his life.

His wife and daughter were away and he was left alone.

He called. And told me the news.

He was on Wikipedia reading about Larry Storch of F-Troop fame.

Pray for him.

Rock Bottom.


dr. obvious said...

That's not rock bottom for Saul, ya Trig.

Rock bottom would be if he did an eBay blog using the Beatles game, of course!

cousin saul said...

The Ballad of Corporal Agarn?
All You Need is Forrest Tucker?
Ken Berry You Can Drive My Car?

Acorn said...

RedSkin Submarine

bacon ace said...
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bacon ace said...

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Hekawi