Friday, September 12, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon or The Dirty Dozen?

So last night was supposed to be Buddy Night but the Hoag had to cancel because of a private matter (possibly a sex change operation)

So anyhow....Ixnay on the Buddy ay Night.

And then 2:00 in the afternoon happened.

Hoag walks into my store with a few bags.

Bags filled with a dozen hot dogs.

A dirty dozen. From Dairy Joy.

These ain't just hot dogs my friends. These are $1.99 bundles of joy and Gulden's mustard.

They're not boiled weiners....they're grilled. The rolls are lightly buttered. And grilled.

And they're slightly overcooked.

Two men. Twelve dogs. One coke. One diet Pepsi. And a bag full of condiments.

I said condiments.

So we proceeded to eat beefy Frank and the boys.

We made it to number eleven.

One dog remained. One cold wrinkled dog left.

We knew what to do.

We took hiim outside and made a sacrifice to the Dumpster Gods.

And then we smoked a couple of cigars.

Did I mention I was working?

Life is good. Barack Obama? Not so much.


bacon ace said...

Diet soda there fancy lad?

bacon ace said...

You sonovabitch! You took me off the Links.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

No new posts in months gets ya off the links list.

Except for the I Hate Horses Guy.

The diet soda was for Hoag.

Horroru (Joe O) said...

"The diet soda was for Hoag."

Oh, ok, so he did get that sex change operation....

not hoag said...

"Wait'll they get a load of ME!"

cake said...

So to sum up:

Hoag is on a diet.

cake said...

To sum up further:

Where's my bag of junk food!? Laid up sick in bed, hardly able to walk, don't I deserve a pile of junk food??


bacon ace said...

Don't you have a husband for that?

cake said...

Yeah, Bacon, but it's not nearly as fun as whining over here.

(I love the internet!)

David'Z RantZ said...

Cake, here's some cyber-junk food to add to all the cyber-shit Lois and Sparkle gave you.

Now stop yer damned whinin'. You know how much it costs to mail all that cyber-stuff to Canada?