Sunday, September 10, 2006

At least it wasn't about Pearl Harbor, Lincoln, or Kennedy

Seems a few people got upset at yesterday's blog.

I never knew Bob Dylan was so popular.


Bemisdown said...

Note MY posts nooprah. I wasn't upset.

The "Raven" concert...THAT made me upset.
But I've got my priorities in line.

And if there was ever a combined Raven/Bob Dylan concert that I was required to attend, regardless of the date, then "upset" wouldn't even BEGIN to describe my response.

cake said...

I wasn't upset, either.

And anyone who was upset by a silly, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic blog entry needs to SETTLE DOWN! (that's my best Jon Stewart impression)

Gal from New Zealand said...

Sorry nooprah, but there are some things that should never be the subject of any kind of light hearted comment - and 9-11 sure is one of them! (In my kiwi opinion!)

Clinky said...

Where were all these super-sensitive people when he was making all the Hitler jokes?

Remember, a couple of days ago? And a couple of days before that? And then that other time, and that other other time...

Bemisdown said...

Gal from New Zealand,

I respectfully disagree. (Note that I said "respectfully," just so you know that I'm basically polite).

I "get" why 9/11 is a touchy subject, and I KNOW that Mr."BrokeBack Republican" nooprah understands the impact of that event.

But he was simply being sarcastic (note his previous six million other posts-why is THIS event somehow more sacred than anything else he's written about?)

I'm just confused about these reactions. If I were to die in a terrorist attack tomorrow, I would be sorely disappointed
if nooprah didn't make fun of me because of it (jot that one down by the way, nooprah).

In fact, I thought his post was unusually innocuous given the gravity of the "anniversary." (and I personally knew two people who died on the first plane to hit the towers...but I've known a LOT of people who've died, and I don't consider it Blasphamey to talk about THEM).

Give nooprah a break-he's not a chunk of ice. He's just doing what he does best...making light of serious stuff-it helps all of us through.

Please stop censoring him with the guilt stuff-you should know better if you read his posts regularly.

And kiwi's are pretty good, by the way. Cute, tasty, a little complicated....but maybe they should consider offering them at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

And Miss Nooprah,

I'll stop posting on this subject so we can get back to food and chicks.

Bemisdown said...

And what Clinky said.

motheragawd said...

I was upset. I really like Bob Dylan.

Anonymous said...

On second thought, I do take exception to No Oprah's comments.

"Highway 61 Revisited"; "Blood on the Tracks"; and Dylan's first album are all great.

No Oprah, you should be ashamed of yourself. I sentence you to having a radio receiver implanted in your dental work which will receive an endless loop of Dylan's song about Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.

That should teach you about mocking the World Trade Center tragedy. And the mess in New Orleans, too.

-- Lamont Cranston

cake said...

NoOprah's a welcome spot of silliness in a world that can get pretty gray at times.

Some advice to the worried folks: take everything on this blog with a large grain of salt; if you're in doubt about whether something is serious or a joke, assume it's a joke; and take two puppy pills and call Hitler in the morning.

(And if someone could please buy Bemisdown two drinks from me and get Clinky a really good can of oil...I promise to make good on the debt eventually.)

cake said...

Oh dear, I've excluded Motheragawd and Lamont.

What the hell...drinks for all!

Anunomess said...

did someone say something about Kennedy, again???