Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hurricane Katrina: About a year later.

With this being roughly the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (or 8/29 as it more commonly known as) I thought it time to reveal a few things that me and the Bush Administration know.

The levee in New Orleans was sabotaged by either the North Koreans or maybe the Iranians just before the twister hit. The aftermath resulted in the death of dozens of people, hundreds of dogs, a few cats, and damages in the thousands and thousands of dollars.

Justice will be served ::winkwink::.


cake said...

Are you sure the Bush Administration is okay with you sharing this top secret, hush-hush, information?

Anonymous said...

are you gonna eat that?

Bemisdown said...

I think the folks in Louisiana should've insisted that the Hurrucane AND the broken levees were the work of Osama Bin Laden.

Then they might have received some actual immediate government assistance. All of the officials in Louisiana dropped the ball on that one-the only thing they had to say about the crisis was that the "Axis of Evil" or "Terrorist Fascists," were responsible and our federal government would've spared no expense and moved in with lightening speed.

Opps-soory Cake...did I mention lightening?

cake said...

::ducks and hides::

A little warning, please! I didn't have my rubber-souled shoes on there.

cake said...

That should be "rubber-soled"...though that's actually a pretty good typo. Ha!

Clinky said...

If it ain't Oprah, it must be HIM!

Bemisdown said...


I sense a Freudian slip there-I'd stick with "rubber souled." Just in case.

cake said...

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to procrastinate on other work when none of you update your blogs on Sundays.


I Ain't No Oprah said...


cake said...

You are NOT.

big shloimie from de nort' countree said...

Z'about time you got back to work you lazy bastiche.

What, did the Kentucky plane crash so tragically affect your little psyche that you got writer's block?

We're not paying you to take time off, buddy. We're not paying you to WRITE.

Now keep your ass in gear, and do yer frikkin' job.

(BLOODY Republicans. Shiftless lazy lot they are...)