Thursday, September 07, 2006

Katie needs a sign-off

Every network newsperson always has a special 'sign-off.' Remember Dan Rather and his sign-off of "Courage." Sometimes something simple from someone I forget..."Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow" Or Mork when he was doing the news..."na-news, na-news" and on and on...

Well, Katie Couric doesn't have a sign-off yet and has asked viewers to send in their ideas.

Last night she ended with "And dats da news, Niggaz!"

Mel Gibson sent in tonight's sign-off "No Jews is good news!"

That Mexican dude from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre sent in the classic "News? News? We don't need no stinking news!"

I can't wait for tomorrow...any ideas?


Lois Lane said...

"This was fun. Legs do it again tomorrow!"

motheragawd said...

"That's it! I've had it with this mutha***** news on this mutha***** news show!"

cake said...

"And that was the mutha-fuckin' news on this mutha-fuckin' day!"

(I really wanted to use "So long, and thanks for all the fish..." but I couldn't figure out how. Damn.)

cake said...

HA!! Great minds think alike!

motheragawd said...

Watch your mutha**** mouth!


motheragawd said...

Wow. And we posted at the EXACT SAME moment. Wow.

BeReasonable said...

Thanks & Good Night.

Phil Donahue's Niece said...

"I'm Katie Couric. Duck and cover America."

Ted Kennedy's liquor store owner-friend said...

Katie should just end each newscast with a story about a Kennedy family member's drunken escapades. Never a dull moment with those zany Kennedy's! They are America's royal family, ya know?!

Bemisdown said...

How about something simple like "And that's all from the first vagina to anchor the evening news."

(I'm kinda liking the word "vagina" now.
And note...I said the WORD "vagina." I don't want any rumors starting.)

Bemisdown said...

Or Maybe..."Thanks for joining me BFF's."

That way she can still maintain a little "perky" and be WAY cool to the under 21 crowd, who watch the evening news regularly as we all know.

And how come "Katie Couric Day" suddenly got extended to TWO days-even Martin Luther King Jr. only gets ONE day Nooprah. And he had to get killed to get it!

I think it's time for the deathpool. Just a suggestion, but you DID say it would start on Wednesday.

Anunomess said...

Hey Bemis,
...not sure she is first V. (and you really gotta shake that word out of your head),
since there has been Eliz Vargas, and prior Connie Chung, and at least as fill-ins: Barbara Walters and Maria Shriver, to name a few possible firsts, although often co-anchoring with a male. They just never had all the hype.

How about stealing the annoying and confusing "Today" line,
"But first, this is the Evening News."
and then fade to black.

I give her 2 years max, and then she will be fried and on to something else.
How about a pool?

Bemisdown said...


I didn't realize we had to consider actual FACTS in our Katie sign-off suggestions.

And the "V" word. Gone. But you never know what I might replace it with. We all need our "word of the day," afterall.

Anunomess said...

Sorry! not always sure of the current blogging rules...I went and got all factual and all on won't happen again.

Oh, and V-word away! It's kind of funny, but it seems to bring the male comments to a dead shrill.

Next blog argument, just through the word in, and you win! (works for me!)

bacon ace said...

She should end with "I'll call you sometime" while leaving a twenty on the anchor desk and slipping away.

Al Roker said...

It should be something simple, like "suck it, Lauer".