Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aloof? Shy? Sick? Bitchy?

Those are the things that go through my head sometimes when I talk with my youngest daughter.

She's a peach... but aloof, shy, and sometimes bitchy and sick.

So I come in the house last night and say hi to her and ask if everything is okay (She was looking aloof or shy or bitchy or sick)

And she says to me (with a very serious face):

"I just don't feel that good today."

So I did what any Dad would do....I offered up The Medicine Fingers.

And she broke a smile.

And it felt good to bring a smile to a sick girl's face.

It also felt super creepy to present my daughter with The Medicine Fingers


almost 50 said...

Mmmmmmmm....medicine fingers.

possibly punny said...

"almost 50" beat me to the smart ass remark.

Maverick Larry said...

Sarah just usually looks for my son's lost smile. It's usually under his armpit.

I usually notice that those are opportunities for "The Tickle Monster" to make his appearance.

But if Medicine Fingers is what the Doctor ordered, who can argue with Dr's orders?