Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Screen Actors Guild Awards Show

So the other night me, Wifey, and Oldest are watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

(If you ever should live in my house you'll soon find out that you have to watch EVERY award show {except the Tony Awards...we ain't gay) and this past Sunday was no different)

And what happens when watching an awards show at my house is:

1. I make fun of everything.

2. Wifey points out the creepy people.

3. Daughter tells us to be quiet.

4. This past Sunday was no different.

So anyhow the night goes by when all of a sudden I noticed the eerie similar ugliness of Laura Dern and Kyra Sedgwick.

ME: "They should hang out together!"

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "And you should hang out with Ray Barone."


Ray said...

Anytime you want!

Cake said...

Well, there's a passing resemblance, at least wardrobe-wise. And everyone loves Raymond but loves picking on IANO...

Yeah, close enough...ask him to buddy night.

Ray "Bone" Barboni said...

sh*t, O, you can hang with me anytime

Not Kevin (in case she read this) said...

good call on the title to Kyra's tv show....The Closer...cuz The Closer you get, the scarier she looks

A. Dop Tme said...

is Oldest trying to get kicked out of the will?