Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do most of us agree that PETA is nuts?

We all love animals, correct?

None of us wants to torture animals, correct?

In theory, PETA tries to do good, correct?

But they're insane, correct?

The latest Mary Todd-y thing they've done is protest people eating fish.


They think it's cruel to eat them. (maybe it is)

But PETA is so smart they've come up with a plan to get us NOT to even want to eat fish.

PETA thinks we should change the name of FISH to SEA KITTENS.

I'm not making that up.


Their crack-potted minds think that if fish are named sea kittens we won't want to eat them.

(we will)

I sure hope this doesn't screw up my plans to buy some fish scale boots or a new gill jacket. I'll be the Dandy of the Dandies.

It also better not screw up my lunch plans of Sea Kittens and Chips.


For more info please check out the following website.



the Beatles said...

-Lovely PETA

Ben and Jerry's said...

And we're now only going to make ice cream from sea kitten milk!

South Bend and Gary, Indiana said...

And ice cream flavors:

Vanilla Perch Ripples

Black Raspberry Mackeral

Cookies and Cod

breast in show said...

- Chocolate Tuna Chip

- Pistachio Perch

- Salmon Enchanted Eating (cuz they have to use clever names sometimes)

- Mackerel Believe Ice Cream (the lowfat option)

Dr. Bland said...


David'Z RantZ said...

Your four points were all correct. Especially the last one. PETA isn't just nuts, they're Michael Fleischer crazy.

Doctor Octopus said...


I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear Rantz,


I Ain't No Oprah said...


-Fins Vanilla

-Chocolate Chum

David'Z RantZ said...

Well, yeah...that's what I meant...

Ah, yes. I still remember the day that issue of Comics Journal came out. You called Cousin Sauls's store, and I answered. "When I say the name Michael Fleischer... " you began, and since I'd been reading the same article, I interrupted with "Bugfuck crazy."

[walks off, singing "Those Were the Days"]

Cake said...

Sharkberry Swirl...mmm, with whipped sea kitten cream on top and a cherry.

Sharkey's Machine said...

Filet O Sea Kitten Sandwich.

I'm hungry just typing the words.

Something fishy here said...

- Krillamel Crunch
- Sea-nut* Butter and Chocolate
- Minnows 'n Mint

(*No idea what this is, I just like the sound of it.)

the previous commenter said...

I meant...something sea kitteny here, of course.

Ahm a GENIUS! said...

Let's rename lobsters while we're at it!

Mmmm, sea puppies with melted butter...

Shiver Me Timbers said...

I love sea puppies!

Lots of butter...

I love sweater puppies also.

Lots of "butter"....

This is sick said...

Maybe PETA is right.

Watch sea puppies in action.

easily amused by coincidences said...

Pretty sick...

But the first commenter is "The Beatles"! How perchect...I mean, that?!

Anonymous said...


not anonymous said...

Seemed funny to me that the first comment on that video was from "TheBeatlessss." You know, cuz of the Beatles Game and all.

Har har...har. No? Oh well.

The BEETLES said...

Oh, and you all think this is a game? Damned humans. PETA will protect us, too.

Sparkle Plenty said...

"Mary Todd-y," eh?

Gay as the month of May.

The Real PETA said...

Next we're using bugs in our ice cream!

- Cocoa Caterpillar
- Bubble Gum Beetle
- Flies 'n Fudge
- Cookies and Cockroach
- Antberry Swirl

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Mary Todd wasn't gay...she was PETA-Like insane!

David'Z RantZ said...

Yep, bugfuck crazy, that Mary Todd.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Yes, yes, yes, History Channel Lads. I know that Mary Todd was bug-fuck dotty.

The use of the term "Mary Todd-y" as an adjective is phenomenally gay, Dandy-Dan.

No more time to clarify. Off to eat my sea-kitten melt on rye.

mulderjoe said...

Dear PETA,

I believe that veal is delicious. I believe we should eat only young animals that have been kept in tiny cages, that way it's not limited to just baby cows.

Yum yum,