Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wet Shoes in the house.

So the other day I'm out snowblowing the driveway or something and I come inside wearing my wet shoes.

And my oldest daughter is sitting there.

Here is that riveting conversation:

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "Mom is gonna kill you for being in the living room with wet shoes."

ME: "Listen...this is MY house, I paid for it, and I'll do whatever it is I damn well please. MY house."

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "She's gonna kill you."

ME: "I don't take orders from her. I do what I want, when I want. It's MY house."

OLDEST DAUGHTER: :::stares:::

ME: "Do me a favor?"

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "Sure...what?"

ME: "Don't tell your mother I was in here with wet shoes."


Cake said...

::whip crack::

Cake said...

Waitasec...were you wearing HEELS?!


Ishat's Fire and Ice said...

Of course his wife would be upset if you were wearing her high heels to shovel snow than got them all wet!