Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Day

For a generation or two, people will tell their kids about it.

It will probably never be topped.


For it is... Historic Day.

And on Historic Day people will say the word Historic more than it's ever been said since the word was invented (1/28/1716)

And that of course was a very Historic Day.

Historic will trump 'Infrastructure' by 100 to 1.

Historic will trump 'Bush Sucks' by 400 to 1.

Historic will trump 'Hillary is a Rat Faced Whore' by 3 to 1.

Historic will trump 'Whatever' and 'Okay, just a minute' by 250-1 (Even by my kids)

Historic will trump 'Puzzle Genius' by 8000- 1 (even in Crawford, Texas)

Historic will be said so many times today that you will soon forget what it even means.

You will thinks it's spelled wrong.

You will even think it's a gibberish word.

Historic Historic Historic Historic Historic.

You will wonder why folks say 'An Historic Day' instead of 'A Historic Day'



Cake said...

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm watching historic history unfold historically!

Brian Williams (NBC) said...

This is truly a historic day. Barack Obama, the first only partially white man ever to be elected as president, will be sworn in on Abraham Lincoln's Bible.

Meredith Vierra (NBC) said...

The Obama children are wearing white cotton ankle socks designed by Vera Wang.

Natalie Morales (NBC) said...

Michelle Obama will be wearing a stylish "tent-dress" designed by Coleman.

me said...

Michelle Obama is looking especially ugly this morning.

Historically ugly.

Will Ferrell said...

Meredith Vieira! Why have you changed the historically-correct spelling of your last name? Is it because I dropped you and you fell and hit your head in an historic moment and you reacted with hysterical histrionics?

Sarah said...

So many people were trying to stream the inauguration today that they shut down out network.

I really really really hate historic people today.

mulderjoe said...

Funny, I always wanted an boston cream pie rather than a boston cream pie.

Why should apple pies have all the fun?

David'Z RantZ said...

"You will wonder why folks say 'An Historic Day' instead of 'A Historic Day'"

You are SO right for making fun of that! What, do they think they're freakin' Cockneys?

I never heard of anybody outside of London having "an horrible accident" or "an heart attack," have you?