Monday, January 05, 2009

Only 15 more days until George Bush is no longer the worst President EVER!

So Obama ain't even in office yet and already he has:

1. Picked freakin' Hillary for his Secretary of State.

2. Picked Richardson for his Commerce Secretary and he's now tied up in scandal (Surprise!)and bowed out.

3. And then the other day he stated he was going to 'create 3 million new jobs....80% of them in the private sector'

Now look at #3.

On the surface that sounds good.


80% of 3 million is 2,400,000 new jobs in the private sector....which leaves 600,000 NEW GOVERNMENT JOBS!!!!

What is this assclown thinking???

600,000 new government jobs?

Doing what?

Telling me what to do?

Taking my money?

600,000 new government jobs is a BAD BAD Leroy Brown kinda thing.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

Look on the bright side, it could be could be 2,400,000 government jobs!

Lois Lane said...

You didn't read the rest of the story.

376,523 of the new jobs will be in the monarchy of Atlantis (clam farming is booming!). And then he's randomly shipping 223,477 people off to Canada, so there will be no need to get them jobs.

Sparkle Plenty said...

See? No need to get your knickers in a twist and your bunions in a bind. As always, Lois has the real scoop.

Cake said...


Keep your damn clams, we have enough already!


Oh, I'm getting confused....sorry about that. Jelly baby?

Lois Lane said...

Jelly baby? Jelly baby! What? What? WHAT????

Cake said...


(I love inside-joke-geek-humour...can't you just see IANO rolling his eyes*?)


Lois Lane said...

Tut, tut.

Pink Bear Pope said...

Anyone know if Obama is on Classmates?