Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tom Cruise is dumber than the people that think George Bush is dumb.

>>>>SEOUL - Tom Cruise, who fails to assassinate Adolf Hitler in his new movie "Valkyrie," said he grew up really wanting to kill the Nazi leader.<<<<

The above was from a Reuters story today on


Dear Tom,

Hitler was dead when you were growing up! You wasted your youth!



Adolf said...

Nein, Herr IANO, I am alive and running a small flowershop vith my life partner in New York City.

Please don't tell Eva.

Adolf said...

Or Tom.

Bill Frist said...

Tongue sticking out of mouth, jamming George Bush-shaped piece of puzzle into a puzzle representing GOOD presidents.

"Unh! Unh! Dammit! Get in there! Unh! Woo-hoo! Puzzle genius!"

Tex said...


Maverick Larry said...

He should stick to bouncing on couches and spouting his Scientific Church retoric. I like him less and less.

Anonymous said...

you are a witty chap!