Friday, January 09, 2009

Obama wants to delay digital TV signal

So Doctor Barack wants to delay the February 17th switch over to the digital television signal.

You know...the thing they told they were gonna do four years ago.

But you know how the poor people are....they don't want to plan ahead and buy their freakin' $40.00 converter box.

And Captain Obama is worried some farm folk in Alabama might not get The Price Is Right

You know how hard it is to save up forty dollars over the course of fours years! That's TEN dollars a year!! Three pennies a day!!

Heaven forbid that Non-Plan Ahead Poor Person didn't get to buy his forty dollars worth of lottery tickets or Ripple wine.

Or malt liquor.

Or a T-shirt with a witty saying on it.

Or new sweat pants (poor folk love the sweat pants)

Maybe if Poor Folk gave up a lousy 6 packs of cigarettes over the last FOUR YEARS they could have bought their freakin' converter box for forty dollars!!

But six packs of cigarettes over the last four years would have been like 1 less cigarette every two weeks.

HEAVEN FORBID Poor Folk don't get to smoke that extra butt every two weeks.

So screw you, Barack're startin' to piss me off!


Cake said...

Yer funny when yer pissed off.

Keep 'em coming, Obama, this is great!

Sarah said...

He's just starting to piss you off?

Sparkle Plenty said...

See, I'd love to get one of those fancy-pants converter boxes--or that newfangled stuff you call "cable," for that matter.

I cannot. In tribute to Lamont Cranston, I cannot.

Cake said...

Okay, who's in...I'm taking up a collection to buy IANO a couple of these:

Maybe not the real Lamont said...

I haven't been around because I finally got a tv! And cable! It's true!

Beatles singing about this blog said...

- I Want to Change Your Channel
- Tune Tune Me Do
- Ob-la-D, Ob-la-D
- Sexy Signal
- Old Brown and White TV
- Obama's HD-free Garden

...ok, that last one's lame.

impatient said...

Wow, he's such a bad prez NOW, I can only imagine how bad he'll be once he's really in office!

Anonymous said...

You should give them yours. Your converter box. No wait, you should pay their cable bill. Every month for the next four years, or it may take eight years. It's the new American thing to do.

Maverick Larry said...

Mr. Obama, what would you like to do with Iraq, Iran, and the terrorist community?

I'm sorry you were so busy delaying the HD TV conversion and trying to find a way for the government to force the NCAA into implementing a playoff system for college football. I can see that you have larger issues to deal with.

Anonymous said...

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