Friday, January 30, 2009


So there was this huge ice storm in Kentucky this week and millions are without power.

It's nice that Obama and FEMA were Johnny on the Spot and fixed it so quickly.

Oh wait,...they've done nothing.

Doesn't feel so good does it, you Liberal Scum? Does it? Huh? ANSWER ME!!!

I know, I's Bush's fault.


Blair said...

It's because we're white!

He won't help us!

Muffy said...

He's letting our white babies die!

Why won't FEMA help us?

Miss Observant said...


Cake said...

I heard it's cuz Obama doesn't like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Obama said...

SHHHHHHHH I'm absorbed in issue #191 of Superman.

The SuperDome said...

We're sill waiting for water because we didn't heed warnings.

Ike and Katrina said...

Don't fuck with us.

Just ask Bushy Two-Tails.

Lois Lane said...

I don't care. I still blame Bush.

Cake said...

I can't really remember what this blog was about anymore but if it'll mildly annoy IANO...I blame Bush, too.

The Beatles said...

-Hey Screwed!

-Let It Be FEMA

-Why Don't We Do It On The Ice Covered Road

-I'll Follow The Sun (If it ever comes out again and melts the ice because Obama and FEMA are sitting on their ass doing nothing to help us white folk)

-It Won't Be Long (even though it already has)

-Here Comes The Sun (But not FEMA or OBAMA because they both hate us white people)

-When I'm Slippery-Sore