Monday, January 19, 2009

What Lincoln and Obama don't have in common:

I've been reading how Obama just loves the Abe Lincoln.

I thought I'd share an eerie list of things that in no way connect them.

1. Lincoln was elected in 1860...Obama in 2008. 148 years apart. {Can you say creepy?}

2. Lincoln had a child die while he was in office...neither of Obama's kids are in office. {Freaky!}

3. Lincoln was killed in Ford Theatre. Obama won't be. {Now I'm getting nervous!}

4. Lincoln's secretary was John. Obama's is not Abe. {ghost music}

5. Lincoln has seven letters in it, Obama five or six. {knees be knockin'!}

6. Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was born in 1839. Obama will die of natural causes that were born at the dawn of time. {EERIE!}

7. A staff member of Lincoln named Kennedy told Abe not to go to the theatre....a staff member of Obama named Clinton is a drop dead ugly whore. {I'm freakin' out!!}

8.Lincoln was President during the Civil War. Obama will be President during an uncivil war. Or two. {I'm spooked!}

9. Nothing for #9

10. Lincoln wore a top hat and had a beard. Obama plays basketball. {now I'm downright scared!}


Kristine said...

What they do have in common that no one has mentioned is their ancestry see:

President Lincoln and President Obama share ancestors at:

Bill Frist said...

I have NEVER met George Bush.

And: I have NEVER gotten tinglies in my jumblies when he has held my hand and pointed at me.

Bill Frist said...

I have NEVER tried to align my body with his as we walk along together.

Bill Frist said...

No. I have never done that.

Cake said...

I once visited the Ford Theater.

And now I'll leave the blog to the other people who seem to have taken it over. And who scare me a little.

mulderjoe said...

I know what #9 is, but I'm sworn to secrecy.

"Secrecy" is a weird looking word.