Saturday, March 04, 2006

Actual Products I Just Made Up That Are Gonna Make Me Rich!!

1. Glass baseball bats.

2. Three inch garden hoses

3. Bottomless shoes

4. Magnetic cheese (open up the fridge and little slices are just hanging on the side)

5. Cordless extension cords

6. Honey Toasted Hitler's (breakfast cereal)

7. Three-way glass

8. Spray-On Bald Spots

9. Powdered wine (just add water)

10. Nothing for #10

11. A line of BrokeBack lingerie for the ladies

12. The Catholic Abortion Clinic


Woofie-do said...

I wish you'd invent cornless popcorn; you know, so the little pieces wouldn't get caught in my teeth.

(Does the Brokeback lingerie come in plain brown unmarked envelopes? Color Woofie-do intrigued ...)

Von Allan said...

Yer an odd, odd money! :)

But these are fun!

Dat Von Allan guy!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Old Smell (A captivating, musky blend of damp basement, shut-up attic, and vicks vapor rub)
The Pocket Fish Spangler (self-explanatory)
Letharga 5000 (Too many erections? Let us help.)
Saggy Salve (Noticeably less taut skin in weeks)
The Nose Master (Tone your nostrils, hone your bridge or your money back)
The Thimble Guard (protect your precious thimbles with this miracle polyfiber shield)

Anonymous said...

What about "Body O Christ Cereal?
Saves Catholics from having to actually go to church.

cake said...

Good one, Momenger...but what would you have on it? Neilson's Blood of Christ or Hood Holy Water?

Sparkle Plenty said...

The only thing that could possibly complement Body 'O Christ Cereal (now with mini marshmallows in the shape of the disciples) is Moses Milk. Pour it in, and your cereal parts in two!