Wednesday, March 01, 2006

If Osama Bin Laden Was With The Beatles

Think of the songs!

1. Death to America!

2. Death to Bush!

3. Death to America and Bush!

4. Death to America, Bush, and his Dad.

5. Death to Bush's dog!

6. Death to American dogs (and cats)

7. Death Death Death

8. Death to Infidels.

9. Death to Infidelity!

10. Death to High Fidelity!

11. Death to Bush once again!

12. Death.

13. Rocky Raccoon

14. Death to Rocky Raccoon.


cake said...

Rejected B-sides:

1) Live and Let Live in the USA
2) Freedom (for Americans)
3) Obladi Oblada (Life goes on in the USA)
4) All the USA needs is Love
5) Happiness is a Warm American (an Osama solo)

Phil Donahue's Niece said...

Michelle My Infidel

Sparkle Plenty said...

A. Paul requests that Osama change his name to "Osamgo."
B. Osama calls Paul a "British pig dog" and sulks in back of tour bus, where he burns Paul in effigy.
C. Osama assassinates Stu Sutcliffe for "looking too American."
D. George and Osama come to blows over who will get more virgins in the afterlife.
E. Osama adds a rider to concert contracts: No brown m&ms, white roses in dressing room, and all Americans in audience will be shot.
F. Osama leaves The Beatles over "creative differences" (aka hitting on Yoko).
G. Osama forms his own death metal band, "FatWa" (umlaut over the first "a" optional).

Anonymous said...

It can't be JUST The Beatles....

Osama Would say "Death to All American Idols." If he had cable.