Sunday, March 05, 2006

If BrokeBack Mountain wins the Academy Award

Here is how they'll say it in foreign languages:

1. Brak Achterberg (Dutch)

2. Brach Zuruck Berg (German)

3. Ha Rotto Indieto La Montagna (Italian)

4. Rompio DeTras La Montana (Spanish)

5. La Homo de Cowboyz on der Mount (fake made up NOOPRAH language)

And just in case the Academy decides to give the Oscar to the 1965 Elvis Presley classic: TICKLE ME here is how they'll say that in foreign languages,

6. Agrade me (Portuguese)

7. Tickle Mich (German)

8. Solle Tichilo (Italian)

9. Cosquilleeme (Spanish)

10. Un caress ez vous moi nips en firme buttocks' (Fake made up NOOPRAH language)


cake said...

NOOPRAH is truly a musical language; it's even prettier than German and Dutch. I'd say it's almost as nice as Arabic.

(Little error in the picture-- there's a slash missing before the pic name so it's not opening.)

Quailtard said...

you're mad, totally mad- madder than mad jack mcmad, winner of last year's mr. madman competition.