Thursday, March 30, 2006

What creative genius named these things?

1. The White House

2. Waterfall

3. Orange (the fruit...I mean they weren't even trying when they named this)

4. Jump rope

5. The Band

6. Shorts (some super clever genius decided to name long shorts Capri Pants...I hate him even more)

7. New York ("Hey...this reminds me of York")

8. Underarm (not. even. trying.)

9. Campfire.

10. Basketball.

These are some of the LEAST looked up words in the dictionary.


6. Outer space


cake said...

- rainfall
- parking lot
- catfish
- snowball
- Red Sox

cake said...

- blackberries

Sparkle Plenty said...

This is the best one yet! FYI:
The White Man named The White House.

Wastebasket (Can't I store my fine valuables in here?)
Straight pin
Floor lamp
Steak Knife (why not be creative and go with beef bayonette)
Falsies (if they were realsies they wouldn't be neededsies)

anonynmous said...


Sparkle Plenty said...

Fruitcake (nothing personal meant)

Sparkle Plenty said...


cake said...

- earthworm
- sunlight
- glue gun
- cupcake
- Conehead

Sparkle Plenty said...

Gopher hole
"Post Hole Digger" (why not just the "Digbo 5000")

jim shooter said...

secret wars

I Ain't No Oprah said...


Drew Barrymore said...

Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.

Has anyone seen my son? He's wearing a Winnie the Pooh onesie and has the cutest little mustache. Answers to "my widdle fuhrer."

Papa Hitler said...

Ich habe seit gestern früh geschrieen!

cake said...

- ice cube
- shoelace
- swimsuit
- tea bag
- kneepad

barney the dinosaur said...

grape nuts

Sparkle Plenty said...

Go, Cake, Go! I was gonna rip you off by posting the 100% fresh entry "Blueberry," but abstained. Kinda.

Hmm. Jim Shooter, Drew Barrymore, Papa Hitler, and Barney the Dinosaur. Lotsa celebrities are posting today. Woulda thought it would be tough for Barney to type. Giant, meaty purple paws and all.

Phil Donahue's Niece said...

Post-It Note

That's all I got today.

Grumpy said...

snow shoes
neck tie
bow tie
wrist watch

Von Allan said...

Ah...The White House...

Just remember, we burned it when we kicked your ass in the War of 1812.

(Smiles sweetly)