Sunday, March 12, 2006

Elvis Gets All Mobbed Up

If you're like me you probably spend a good portion of the day wondering what things would have been like had Elvis been part of the Mafia. How would the songs and movies have been different?

1. King Calzone

2. Got A Lot O' Dyin' To Do

3. That's All Right Mama Leone

4. Blue Suede Cement Shoes

5. Do The Clam Sauce!

6. Their Way

7. Lawdy Miss Gotti

8. I can't think of anything for #8

9. Rock-A-Goomba-Baby

10. Polk Salad Vinnie

11. Hard Headed Gambino

12. Can't Help Falling In Love With This Bolognese Sauce

13. All Shook Up (Cuz Joey Fist Paid Me A Visit)

Anything else?


cake said...

Are You Loansharking Tonight
Stoolie Christmas
Don't Be Cruel (to the Capo)
Molls Rush In
Jailhouse Rat

Viscount Hoagy DeBosom said...

Hunk-a Hunk-a Burnin' your store down should you not see fit to pay a little tribute...

Sparkle Plenty said...

Kneebreak Hotel
Little Mobster
Molls! Molls! Molls!
Kissin' Corleones
Harum Scam'em
If You Talk in Your Sleep I'll Rip Your Tongue Out You Rotten Fink (long play)
Piece of the Valley
Kiss My Ring Around Your Neck

Anonymous said...

I think a better question is, what would the world be like if people DID spend a good portion of their days wondering about the stuff you do.

I know.....Better.

cake said...

I second that!