Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Interview With Lee Harvey Oswald on the 45th anniversary of the Death of JFK

IANO: "Hi Lee! Whatcha been doing?"

LEE: "Just hangin' out alone."

IANO: "May I ask you some questions?"

LEE: "Go ahead...shoot."

IANO: "Who is your favorite football coach?"

LEE: "Chuck Knoll...Pittsburgh."

IANO: "Favorite John Wayne movie?"

LEE: "The Shootist."

IANO: "Why do you like being in one-man plays so much?"

LEE: "I like acting alone."

IANO: "Favorite family movie?"

LEE: "Home Alone."

IANO: "Favorite Jimmy Stewart movie?"

LEE: "Harvey."

IANO: "Favorite old TV show?"

LEE: "Dallas."

IANO: "Thank you for your time."

LEE: "Thank you."


cake said...

Gee, IANO, you didn't pull any punches...yer one straight shooter. I can see you were really gunning for him. Straight as a bullet and all.

And I'm out...

The Bloody Finger said...

I am the Gassy Gnome!

JFK's ghost said...

I wish I'd gotten the tumor instead of the bullet!

ted said...

Me too.

Spicolli said...

Grassy gnome?

iano's hillary said...

Maybe I have ankle tumors? It would explain a lot.

Sarah Palin said...

I can see Nome, Alaska from my house.

sarah said...

I thought I had a tumor once. But it was just Trig.

Alaskan Gnome said...

Sarah's a peeping Palin, pass it on!

not me said...

Last one is LAME-O

i deny that it was me said...

Yes, yes it is. But the one before it was hi-larious, correct?

walter brennen said...

Gnome mobile?