Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan!

A racist friend of mine pointed out that Reagan spelled backwards is Nagaer.

We've come so far, yet not far enough.

I want pancakes. Grape jelly and butter on some toasted english muffins. Maybe some bacon.

Big cold milk. Orange juice.

Or something.


not a jew said...

NAGAER Pleeze!

cake said...

In your honour, I'm going to go and make an afternoon snack of toast and grape jelly.

If I'd known you wanted English muffins, I'd have picked some up for myself when I was at the grocery store an hour ago...but oh well.

cousin saul said...

I had a large stack of blueberry pancakes for breakfast today! Isn't that weird?! (the restaurant owner said ,"These are selling like X-Men!")

David'Z RantZ said...

How long should I wait before I try selling my "Obama Waffle Mix" on eBay?

slackah said...

I had a waffle for breakfast...does that count?