Monday, November 17, 2008

My interview with Austin Powers after he watched last nights 60 Minutes:

And now we have our let's get right to it:

(Though you need to know that The Obama's were on 60 minutes last night.)

(And you also need to know that this premise is being used only for one punchline that I'm sure you've already guessed. Because you're smaht! Not like they say!)

ME: "So did you watch the interview with the Barack's?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "Did you find it informative?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "Did you feel Mr. Bama answered the questions honestly?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "Doesn't he have a gorgeous smile?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "His tie was kinda way too long though, correct?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "Did you find it interesting how much his kids came up in the interview?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "Do you think it's a good idea him wanting to close Gitmo and stop torture?

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "Do you think he should help bailout General Motors?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "That was kinda weird when he brought up a College Football playoff system, huh?"

AUSTIN: "Yeah, baby, yeah"

ME: "What did you think of his wife, Michelle?"

AUSTIN: "That's not his wife, it's a man, baby! A MAN!"


So to sum up:

Our future President is married to possibly a man. And I think said Man First Lady has an extra set of teeth...much like the Great White Shark.

And don't bailout General Motors.

And get the President-Elect a shorter tie.

Or something, Baby!


cousin saul said...

Obama's "wife" is actually an UGLY man too!

Joe The Dentist said...

Don't you know all women have two sets of teeth?

cake said...

"ME: "Doesn't he have a gorgeous smile?"

IANO? Are you coming out to us yet again?

Jennifer Aniston said...

That's IANO in a nutshell.

probably not iano said...

No! This is me in a, I'm in a nutshell! How'd I get into this bloody great big nutshell!?

Michelle Obama said...

This is my happening and it freaks me out!

michelle (not a man) obama said...

I hope that no one noticed my "bulge" while I was being interviewed.

joe biden said...

Do I make you...horny?

obama to iano said...

Shall we shag now or shag later? said...

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