Friday, November 28, 2008

Snippets of conversation overheard at the I Aint No Oprah Family Thanksgiving.

WIFEY: "I hate Thanksgiving!"


WIFEY: "Thank you for your help."

ME: "Thank YOU for YOUR help."


YOUNGEST: "I nicknamed mine...Left and Right."


BROTHER-IN-LAW: "Wanna see my new Cadillac? I traded a shed for it."


OLDEST TO AUNTIE: "You smell good."

ME: "That's because she just hugged me."


BROTHER-IN-LAW: "Why don't you come on a cruise with us?"

WIFEY: "I'm afraid of water."


ME: "Did you know my buddy Maddog has never eaten pie or butternut squash."


YOUNGEST: "If it has seeds, it's a fruit."

ME: "What about butternut squash?"

YOUNGEST: "It's a fruit."



willie said...


BOXCAR said...


nosy nancy said...

1) Were there onions in the mashed potatoes?
2) Who got the wishbone?
3) Is it true that Uncle Thomas is getting a little paunchy?
4) Does Aunt Mary still have that drinking problem?
5) What kind of pie was there?

cake said...

So to sum up:

Lots of eating and small talk.

And dog hair.

master of the obvious said...

Geez, it's quiet around here on Black Friday.

southerner said...

It's not called "Negro Friday" anymore?

politically incorrect r us said...

I thought it was "Niggah Friday"??

NAACP said...

We buried that word! BURIED IT!

Kathy said...

At the Doh's Thxgvg:

K (in response to a request for gift ideas for the twins): Well, they don't have any balls to play with. So balls would be good.

Mother-in-law snickers, laughs and replies: Really? No balls?

Nice, huh? Yeesh.