Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Now I'm POSITIVE there are other races out there...

Seems the other day NASA sent some astronauts up to the International Space Station to clean it. Why the astronauts up there couldn't clean it is beyond me.

And my first racist thought was that they were probably Mexican and or Puerto Rican astronauts.

And then yesterday THIS,2933,453845,00.html HAPPENED.

Now my next racist thought was that these tools were "lost" by Italian Astronauts.

Or maybe teenager astronauts.

Or Democrats.

Or something.


"In space no one can hear you clean."


cake said...

They've also misplaced a spider, which will probably get grossly mutated by solar radiation and come back to earth 100,000 times its original size and destroy humanity.

Just so you know.

bacon ace said...

Never send a woman to do a man's job (in space). ::ducks::

dazed and confused said...

What about ducks?