Monday, November 10, 2008

Dedicated to The Li'l Brit (Brit daughter)

So this morning I hop out of bed and hop on downstairs.

Get some coffee to hop myself up for the day.

Hop on back upstairs, hop in the shower, and get dressed for work.

Glance back at the mirror (make sure my hair looks good)

Hop in my car and drive to Bank #1. Hop out of the car, hop into the bank, and make a deposit.

(Glance at my reflection in window to make sure my hair looks good)

Hop back into car and proceed to Bank #2.

Hop back out of car, hop into bank, make deposit, quick reflection check.

Hop back into car. Hop on the Pike.

Quick glance into rearview mirror for hair check.

Arrive at store, hop out of car, hop on over to mailbox to drop some mail in, and then hop back to the store.

Quick check of hair in reflection in window.

Hair looks good.

Hop over to computer and write blog.

Hair is probably still looking good.

And that my friends is an A+.

Or something.


Danny and the Juniors said...

That will be $1.00 in royalties.

dr suess said...

Hop on Pop.

cake said...

So to sum up:

You're really hoppin' vain?

cake said...

To further sum up:

Anyone who checks their hair that much is pretty girly.

cake said...

To further sum up some more one last time:

IANO is a girl!

mulderjoe said...

IANO ain't no girl. Lots of manly men swish around in pretty dresses.

bacon ace said...

That insinuation makes me hoppin' mad.

retarded beatles said...

We're going to the hoppermost of the toppermost!

your comb said...

I totally messed up the back

Li'l Brit said...

see? hopping is fun, and not nearly as dangerous as you originally thought.

and what's with the hair? i know i look good, i don't have to keep checking mine