Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama is just another puppet

If this story about him tapping Hillary as his Secretary of State is correct.

Why on earth would he want this assrag in his cabinet?

Was it part of some pre-election 'deal'?

Change. Change. Change.

That's all we heard and now he wants this bitch in his inner circle??

Obama, like Hitler, only has one testicle.

Well, actually, now that he's picked Hillary, he has three testicles.


Dear Barack,

You tiny little coward of a man.

You disappoint. And only two weeks in.



The Bloody Finger said...

Does Hillary have a Band-Aid brand bandage?

cake said...

What if the Beatles sang about IANO's reaction to this news?

- Happiness is a Warm Tums
- All You Need is a Barf Bag
- Twist and Vomit
- I Want To Hold Your Hair Back While you Throw up
- Hillary in the Cabinet with Obama

cake said...

Crap, that last one doesn't fit...please replace it with:

- Puke Puke Me Do

(Or something.)